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    Nurses on strike: Foreboding of a healthcare disaster?

    [Repost from the Times of Israel]        On Monday July 20, 2020, Israeli nurses went on a nationwide strike, trying to draw the governments’ and publics’ attention to the increasing workload experienced in the hospital systems throughout the country. With a staggering increase in COVID-19 patients over the last couple weeks – mainly due to failing government directives as well as ill-considered behaviour from many individuals in the society -, the physical burden as well as mental weight of working within the healthcare system are expected to keep on rising, possibly reaching a breaking point in the near future.        Although an agreement between the Ministry…

  • COVID-19,  Opinion,  Public Health,  Times of Israel

    Don’t lose track of what pandemic control is really about: Our health

    [Repost from the Times of Israel]        Israel is angry. For the 4th week in a row, there have been major demonstrations throughout the country. We’ve seen Black Flag movements across some 200 road junctions, and infuriated crowds raging their concerns in the streets against a failing, out of touch, and seemingly corrupt government. Climaxing on the 12th and 18th of July with hundreds of people at the Presidents’ residence in Jerusalem and thousands protesting in Tel Aviv. It clearly isn’t over yet.          It’s the Summer of 2020. The world is battling a global pandemic, and unfortunately Israel is no exception. When the first cases of…