Parshat Pinchas – Having the courage to ask

Mindfully Jewish, episode #3. Having the courage to ask
a podcast by Janne L. Punski-Hoogervorst, MD

Based on this week’s Parshat, Parshas Pinchas, in which we encounter the narrative of the daughters of Zelophehad:
讜址转旨执拽职专址譁讘职谞指讛 讘旨职谞郑讜止转 爪职诇指驻职讞指謼讚 讘旨侄谉志讞值证驻侄专
职讗值吱诇旨侄讛謾 砖讈职诪郑讜止转 讘旨职谞止转指謹讬讜 诪址讞职诇指郑讛 谞止注指謹讛 讜职讞指讙职诇指芝讛 讜旨诪执诇职讻旨指謻讛 讜职转执专职爪指纸讛:
we discuss what thoughts often hold us back from asking for help or for something that we want or need. That we sometimes believe that we are stronger, if we don’t ask others. However, asking shows assertiveness and it shows that we take responsibility to evolve. It’s all about the art of asking.

As the Sages say:
鈥榃ho is wise? One who learns from everyone鈥.

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