Parshat Re’Eh – Repentance and the choices that shape our lives

Mindfully Jewish, episode #7. Repentance and the choices that shape our lives
a podcast by Janne L. Punski-Hoogervorst, MD

As we come close to the Jewish month of Elul, this weeks parshat reminds us of the choice we have to choose for blessings or curses. As Sforno explains: You have the choice of both before you: all you have to do is make a choice.
In this episode, we touch upon the teachings of two prominents in the world of psychology, doctor Edith Eger and doctor Viktor Frankl. Both relating to the importance of our choices and our free will towards a meaningful life. What does the introspective process of Elul mean to us? How can we reflect? And what steps are taken for true teshuvah? How can we really do cheshbon hanefesh? This episode may give you some things to further think about.

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